There are so many different methods of meditation, providing choice for the practitioner to choose a method that works best for them. Leonie Lockwood loves meditation for the following reasons.

1. Meditation even for short periods of time improves physical, emotional and mental health.

A greater sense of equanimity in times of stress, improved memory and emotional stability allow the body and mind to enter states of relaxation more frequently and with greater ease.

2. Meditation also enhances focus.

Clear thinking and improves memory and for this reason is frequently used by business leaders around the world.

3. Studies have shown that regular meditation increases alpha waves in the brain.

The alpha waves have a direct impact on the parasympathetic nervous system which acts to calm the body down in times of stress. The parasympathetic nervous system lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, slows the metabolism and reduces stress related hormones such as cortisol. Meditation, even for short periods of time has a profound effect in reducing burnout and chronic stress related conditions. Regular meditation can create positive valuable changes within the brain.

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