Here’s a bit more of a peek into the lovely Cath Campbell, who is co-hosting The Art of Shifting Resistance with Yin Yoga and Art Therapy workshop with me on 16 May 2015.

What is your experience with art therapy?

I have been using art as a form of expression my whole life. I completed my Social Work degree in 2007 and started exploring Art Therapy in 2008, which led to participation in workshops and co-facilitating an introduction to art as therapy. I then completed my diploma in Art Therapy in 2013 and have been integrating Art into my work every chance I get. In 2014 I started my own business providing individual and group work for the public and community sector. Alongside that I work as a Counsellor/Art Therapist for a community organisation.

What is art therapy?

Art Therapy is a dynamic field which integrates creativity and art into the therapeutic process. Just like talk therapy, there are many different ways that professionals practice. Often it combines some form of creating in relation to a theme that you wish to explore. The benefits of Art therapy are many; importantly it gives people a multitude of way to express themselves and experience the therapeutic process rather than relying on talking along.

If you could name one defining moment that led you to explore Art therapy, what would that be?

In 2008 I became disillusioned with my social work career and I needed to integrate my creative roots into the way I worked. From that moment onward I began to explore the therapeutic value of creativity and realised I had been practicing it my whole life, from the moment I found art as a little kid the universe had given me a life line.

In your work, how have you seen art therapy assist people?

I have seen people who have previously been completely withdrawn and detached due to serious mental illness; find connection and ways of relating through creating. I have seen people uncover revelations from the Art Therapy process which would have taken years using talking therapy alone. It is powerful stuff.

Why don’t I need to have any artistic ability to participate in art therapy?

Art therapy is not about being an artist, it is about using creativity and art to help us explore our inner world and build awareness of ourselves. First and foremost it’s about the process and meaning rather than creating a visually pleasing “Art Work.”

What’s your favourite colour?

I love all the colours… a lot! Just look in my wardrobe. At the moment I’m obsessed with using a combination of yellow, orange, pink and red in my art work.

What’s your favourite style of yoga and why?

You already know don’t you…. sounds like a set up but really it’s not. It’s Yin Yoga of course, because I just love melting into poses and being in that introspective space. It is my heaven… of course sometimes it’s uncomfortable but the more I lean into it I learn so much about myself and feel the blocks shifting. It’s nurturing and blissful.

What are the synergies you see between yoga and art therapy?

Getting into our bodies is pivotal to the therapeutic process as when we are in our bodies we are more grounded and able to go to places that feel difficult, this then enables us to do the therapeutic work in a more integrated and supported way. Yoga and art therapy are the perfect complement because both are working to bring more light to unconscious material, to provide expression, to shift energy and generally help us be more of who we are.

I love that Cath loves oranges and pinks and reds. In my dream home, I have the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture coupled with the bright colours of cushions, floor rugs, blanket etc artfully displayed…Still working on this as that Scandy furniture doesn’t come cheap!

So if you haven’t yet booked for our workshop then head on over to The Yoga Social and get onto it, before it sells out.

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