Breath and meditation journey

Improve your sleep, decrease your unhelpful responses to stressors, and increase your mindfulness in daily life.

Learn simple, but powerful, breath and meditation techniques in just two short weeks.

This journey is for everyone. No special skills are involved, just a willingness to learn.

Over the 2 weeks we explore 2-3 breath techniques for around 15 minutes and follow this with guided mindfulness meditation.

Haven’t meditated before? No problem, you don’t need to clear your mind, you don’t need to sit still and you CERTAINLY don’t need to sit in lotus position.

Mindfulness meditation

is about you examining the thoughts and emotions that arise as we bring the body into a quieter space.

This examination helps to calm the mind over time.

Our breath work assists us with this, by soothing the nervous system as a preparation to our meditation.

And as something to fall back on as we sometimes approach uncomfortable areas in our mind.



is key to our health and wellbeing. The ancient yogis knew this and modern science is proving it.

Mouth breathing has been associated with numerous health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, circulatory disorders and ADHD.  We practice techniques which focus on strengthening the diaphragm and surrounding muscles.  As we retrain ourself to breath in and out through the mouth lengthening our exhale, some of these health issues may dissipate.  

With busy lifestyles, this breath and meditation journey provides you with the opportunity for short, effective practices; all in the comfort of your own home.

‘The morning breathing exercises are slowly waking me up to re-connect body and mind.’

Classes are live streamed, recorded and provided to you after each session.

Life is all about community and connection. To help foster this, there’s a weekly check in chat each Wednesday after our session AND a private Facebook group to share your

experiences and ask questions.

‘I really appreciate the way you invite us to go at our own pace and in our own way. This has meant that I am able to practice more easily now.’


Only 3 sessions a week for 30 minutes at a time, for 2 weeks – Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at 6.45 AM.

The next journey commences 11th January 2021.