Breath and meditation journey

Improve your sleep, decrease your unhelpful responses to stressors, and increase your mindfulness in daily life.

Learn simple, but powerful, breath and meditation techniques in just two short weeks.

This journey is for everyone. No special skills are involved, just a willingness to learn.

Over 2 weeks we explore 2-3 breath techniques and simple guided meditations.

Get your questions answered in the private Facebook group or at question time Wednesday morning’s after class.

Can’t make a morning session? No problem. A  recording of each session is emailed directly to you after class.

Haven’t meditated before? No problem, you don’t need to clear your mind, you don’t need to sit still and you CERTAINLY don’t need to sit in lotus position.

Mindfulness meditation

is about the placement of your attention and awareness. In being aware of where exactly our attention is placed at any given moment – breath, body, thoughts, emotions, we are able to take an observational approach as to where our attention goes. This helps us notice patterns of thought, sensation, emotions. We make space to question the reality of these patterns.  Is this thought true? Where is the evidence for this?  What is this sensation? How far does it travel? Is it the same every time?

Our breath work assists us by activating the parasympathetic nervous system response of ‘rest and digest’ as a preparation to our meditation.


is key to our health and wellbeing. The ancient yogis knew this and modern science is proving it.

Mouth breathing has been associated with numerous health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, circulatory disorders and ADHD.  We practice techniques which focus on strengthening the diaphragm and surrounding muscles.  As we retrain ourself to breathe in and out through the nose lengthening our exhale, some of these health issues may dissipate. As we learn to breathe more effectively we massage not only the muscular structures in the torso, but also the organs, flooding them with nourishment.

With busy lifestyles, this breath and meditation journey provides you with the opportunity for short, effective practices; all in the comfort of your own home.

‘The morning breathing exercises are slowly waking me up to re-connect body and mind.’

Classes are live streamed, recorded and emailed to you after each session.

Life is all about community and connection. To help foster this, there’s a weekly check in chat each Wednesday after our session AND a private Facebook group to share your

experiences and ask questions.

‘I really appreciate the way you invite us to go at our own pace and in our own way. This has meant that I am able to practice more easily now.’



Week One – Monday 26th – Friday 30th July at 6.30 AM.

Week Two – Monday 2nd – Thursday 5th August at 6:30 AM

You can track your meditations with this free breath and meditation tracker.

The next course commences Monday 26th July, 2021.