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Beginner’s Breath and meditation journey

This two-week Beginner’s Breath and Meditatioin course is suitable for total beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Over the period of two weeks, we build on key breath techniques and meditations.

We meet each morning at 6:30 am for 30 minutes to practice together via livestream.


Course commencement dates for 2021

  • 23 August 2021
  • 20 September 2021
  • 18 October 2021
  • 15 November 2021
  • 13 December 2021 (8 days only)

About your facilitator – Leonie Lockwood

With over 30 years of yoga under her belt and 11+ years of teaching, Leonie knows it’s important to keep it real. There’s no lightworkers, healers or gurus here. Just practical common sense (as much as you can have at 6.30 am) and a gentle approach to working with minds and bodies.

How does it work?

  • Purchase your pass and you’ll be sent a Zoom link and passcode to use for the sessions
  • Over 10 days you’ll meet online each morning at 6:30 am for 30 minutes at a time. And, together, we’ll practice guided meditation, spot meditations (super short snacks) and breath work practices suitable for all levels of experience
  • Each day you’ll receive a recording of the practice in case you’d like to redo the session or share with a friend
  • Every Wednesday we meet after the session at 7:00 am to discuss questions, meet fellow students or just say ‘Hi’


What is mindfulness meditation?

It’s about noticing where you place your attention at any given moment. Whether that be breath, body, thoughts, emotions. When we are able to take an observational approach as to where our attention goes, it helps us notice patterns of thought, their accompanying physical sensations and emotional responses.

We make space to question the reality of these patterns. Is this thought true? Where is the evidence for this? What is this sensation? How far does it travel? Is it the same every time?

What is exactly is breathwork?

Breath practices have been found in many different traditions such as Buddhism and Yoga. More recently science has researched the efficacy and benefit of practices on perceived stress and general wellbeing.

Working with the breath is a form of meditation.

I haven't meditated before. Will this be alright for me?

Yes. The techniques are introduced slowly and built upon over the course.

What happens if I miss a session?

A recording of each session is delivered to your inbox each day within an hour of the session finishing.

What if I have questions about the techniques?

Each Wednesday we have time after class. Or you can ask in the private Facebook group or email Leonie directly.

Do I need to sit on the floor cross legged?

No. You might like to sit in a chair or even lie down for some of the practices.

Do I need to sit still if my body hurts?

No. It’s more difficult to meditate if our body is in discomfort. Adjust yourself, use cushions or blankets for support.

Will these practices cure my insomnia/anxiety/depression?

These practices will help you manage the symptoms of your insomnia, anxiety, depression. You will need to continue to practice these techniques over a period of time longer than the 2-3 weeks of these courses.

Are the practices a bit 'out there'?

Like many breath and meditation practices, these techniques are drawn from the yogic tradition. Modern scientific research is now proving the efficacy of these techniques. If you haven’t practiced any yoga, then the techniques may seem unfamiliar at first. They are easily learnt and adapted to skill level.

Is each course the same?

Each course will have similar components of breath work. Many of us want answers on magic platters, but the truth is that repetition and more repetition, builds new habits and behaviours.

Is there an advanced course?

Yes. Once you’ve attended the initial journey at least twice, you’ll be invited to attend the advanced sessions, where we explore advanced breath and meditation practices.