Now it might not seem like much, but I chose to give up coffee for the month of February purely because it makes me jittery and messes with my sleep and I KNOW I feel better without it in a whole of body, I’ve got more energy kind of way. Now I’ve given up the ciggies (that was TUFF – kinda changed my identity), really, really, really cut back on alcohol consumption and ditched all other methods that helped me party a little harder and longer and said goodbye to anything with eyelashes on my dinner plate.

farewell beans

After all this giving up, I know that if I’m going to cut something out of my life then I need to replace it with something else, at least in the short term.  Post the initial headache of the caffeine withdrawal (mild hell), I found deciding on a replacement drink a bigger headache. In many establishments, chai is mostly made with syrup or powder and way too much milk – YUK, and tea seems to come in bags in pots.   Now a tea bag for a quick cuppa at home is ok, but to pay (usually more than coffee for some weird reason) brings all my vrittis to the fore and makes me an unhappy yogi.

So I could bitch and moan about this, and I do, but I’ve decided to appreciate the fact that I am lucky to have a job that allows me to hang out in cafes and work and the money to purchase a hot drink. As I look around Melbourne these days, there seems to be more and more folk struggling to get by, so I’m taking my first world problem, getting my thoughts into perspective and making a conscious effort to smile and hand out a coin or two and perhaps a cup of coffee where I can. Smiles are free.

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