It’s going to be awhile before we can all meet in a yoga studio again.
And it’s strange for all of us.
• No sacred space of peace and the rituals of practice.
• No meeting your mates to practice together and coffee after.
• No direct feedback from the teacher.
• At times, lots of interruptions digital and otherwise.
BUT as we adapt to the #newnormal of online yoga classes, here’s how we can make it work for us.

1. Connect up & stick with your teacher/studio

If you’ve been practicing for some time with a studio, then stick with the studio or teacher that you connect with best. They know your body. They can provide you with necessary MODIFICATIONS in an online private session if required. You can then use these in the general online class, preserving your privacy.
A good ONLINE TEACHER/studio will have mechanisms in place for you to ring or email with any injuries and health conditions prior to the class time. Sure, it takes a little prep time from you, but one that is well worth it. Classes can then be tailored to accommodate injury and health conditions. Reach out to your teacher at least 30 minutes beforehand.

2. Create your space

Practicing in a yoga studio generally means a restful space has been CURATED for you. The space has a purpose – to remove distractions, allowing you to immerse in your practice.
At home, design your own space. Candles, props, cushions, scents, flowers, sacred objects. Switch off all other digital distractions except what you are using to attend class. Make coming to your mat a ritual in itself. Perhaps a set time, a clean body, a change of clothes. Let this time be YOUR time. Your sanctuary.

3. Enhance your senses

Usually we rely heavily on visual & auditory cues during practice. We keep up with the class, doing what we’re told. Instead at home we have the freedom to explore the poses from a more sensory perspective. Try fluid movements; pulse; stepping off the yoga mat; moving at a different pace; add sounds and scents that resonate with you. Then notice the effect of your EXPLORATIONS. You may double the enjoyment of your practice. This brings me to my last point.

4. There’s no comparison

One of THE BEST upsides of online home practice is that we are far less likely to compare ourselves to other students. Generally, we can’t see others on Zoom so that flexy/bendy/more spiritual/or just plain annoying person is not in our sight. This gives you HUGE freedom to just be yourself in practice. Strip away any masks, reduce effort, enjoy the practice.

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