Level 2 – The Energy Body (50 hours)

Level 2 will no longer run

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Level 2 Yin Yoga teacher training – The Energy Body is open to those wishing to deepen their practice beyond the performance of asana and offer their students a place of genuine self-enquiry. Sixty hour certification is also available upon completion of an additional 40-day Sadhana practice consisting of at least 15 minutes of Chakra nyasa meditation per day and a short assignment.

This training dives deeper into an exploration of the energetics of the system of yoga. Chakras, Traditional Chinese Medicine, somatic movement, sensorial language and cueing, the body’s nervous system, Polyvagal theory, advanced sequencing and Chakra meditation techniques are all examined.

Guest Lecturers:
Laura Emilia Escudero – Director, Embodhispirit, somatic movement therapy
Special guest Dr Ilana Sowter – Director, Femme Vital Traditional Chinese Medicine

Level 2 is open to those who have completed at least 50 hours of Yin yoga teacher training with an approved Yin yoga provider.

Topics include:
• Chakra theory and chakra purification meditation.
• Pranayama and bandha techniques to enhance chakra meditation.
• Mantra practice.
• Samkhya & Tantra philosophy overview with the 5 Koshas & 3 Gunas
• Revision of TCM’s 12 main meridian pathways.
• Conception and Governor Vessel meridians.
• 5 Element theory in depth.
• Developing a language of interoception and proprioception for your students.
• Somatic movement and touch.
• Peer learning groups
• Asana practice, sequencing & advanced anatomy
• Self-inquiry practices.

Web-based group calls are held throughout the program for support with questions and homework.
50 hours: contact hours = 45, non contact hours = 5
60 hours: contact hours = 45, non contact hours = 15


  • 60-hour certification is available with the completion of a 40-day Sadhana and additional short assessment
  • An extensive training manual is provided.
  • Support with web-based calls and email.

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