Do you forget to slow down, to treasure the little things, get stuck with decision making and find your mind running down a single track that you’re SURE is the RIGHT way? I do and if you do, you’ll know this generally doesn’t lead to life affirming decisions in business and relationships. Most of us feel better, momentarily at least, after a holiday. There’s a spring in the step for the first week or two of your return and a vow that life is going to look a little different. It generally doesn’t take long before the old ways creep back in.

A well designed retreat where you need to do little other than turn up to the activities on offer can have a long lasting effect, because day to day clutter is removed. No dishes, no kids, no work, just simply show up and ‘be’. It will:

  • Offer a range of simple tools, that you can implement on a daily basis.
  • Plant seeds for future change of your choice.
  • Provide quiet spaces for you to reflect and redesign what you need
  • Gather a group of people on a similar journey
  • Provide teachers who can support you in your reflections

In designing a retreat, your facilitators will have a theme and be crafting all their activities with this in mind to give you a complete experience.

Retreats come in all shapes and sizes, from 5 star luxury to stripped back stays in ashrams and temples. Both have their benefits. Sometimes we all want a little luxury and at others we want to move away from excess and experience a life lived simply.

So when choosing a retreat, make sure you know a bit about your hosts and their credentials to be holding this space for you, and have an understanding of what’s required of you as a participant. Most of all approach a retreat with curiosity and a willingness to participate in the activities on offer. You may find that you have to step outside of the comfort zone, but you don’t go on retreat to stay the same, you come for change, however small.

xxx enjoy yourself

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