My yoga is being tested right now. Can I take what yoga teaches me even more into the broader community?
I know it’s going to be needed over the coming months.

I spent last weekend on retreat with Melbourne Meditation Centre. Corona virus kept creeping into my meditations. Whilst my body and breath were at ease, the mind was on high speed. Towards the end of the weekend I realised I was catastrophising in my meditations.

NOTHING was required of me at that point in time but the PRESENTmoment.

And that’s what I could come back to whenever I needed.

In case you want help coming back to YOUR present moment I’m putting together a short online Learn to Meditate course with:

    • Simple techniques


    • Secular


    • Thoughts and feelings allowed


    • 30 mins a week x 4 weeks


    • Meet via Zoom


Are you interested? Let me know Limited to 8 students.


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