In studio trainings

For yoga teachers, committed students and movement practitioners

No matter whether you’re a seasoned yoga teacher, one who’s relatively new to teaching or a committed and curious yoga student, you’ll find the space to explore Yin yoga and its benefits with the in studio Yin yoga teacher trainings.

Practicing and learning how to teach Yin Yoga profoundly changed my experience of yoga and my approach to teaching. It’s my mission to share these teachings from my mentors and teachers Paul & Suzee Grilley (founders of Yin Yoga) with you. You’ll learn how to ‘read’ bodies so you can adapt the poses of yoga to suit individuals unique anatomy. ALL students will feel supported by your teaching, not just the bendy few.

The power of touch

Learning in a group in a physical setting provides the opportunity for touch to be used as a learning tool. Through touch (with consent) you may gain a better understanding of the uniqueness of individual anatomy.  Touch also allows for physical adjustments to be made to enhance cues and verbal adjustments. Not every practitioner enjoys or benefits from touch. It is not essential to consent to touch in the training space.

Inclusive and open-minded

Yin yoga values a flexible mindset more than being physically flexible. This is true to the classical philosophies of yoga and is what makes a Yin yoga practice sustainable as a long-term practice. Yin yoga gives us the space to explore and invites us to meditative moments within.

60 hours

Most Yin yoga teacher trainings are 50 hours. The additional 10 hours that this training offers gives students additional time to absorb and put into practice the knowledge and skills they learn within the training.  This helps embed the teachings.  The training covers functional anatomy, philosophy of Yin yoga, theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaching methodology. You’ll unlock a new way of teaching, that respects the abilities and limitations of your students and keeps them returning to their mat.


The 60 hour in studio Yin yoga teacher trainings are generally delivered over a series of weekends, dependent on studio availability.  Livestream sessions are sprinkled throughout to maintain group connectivity on the weeks we don’t meet. These are kept to a minimum, with the bulk of the learning taking place in studio. Some self study is required.


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Leonie has a wealth of knowledge an innate understanding of the vastness of Yin yoga. She has given me all the tools I need, as well as an understanding of the complexities and subtleties of this practice on all its levels – physical, mental, emotional, energetic. I am very grateful to have had this training and learning.
Michelle Haber

Meet Leonie Lockwood

I began offering Yin yoga trainings 7 years ago because I felt teachers needed a better understanding of our unique individual anatomy and how that affects our ability to ‘do’ poses. I’d seen so many students come to classes, be adjusted by teachers, but unable to maintain the adjusted shape. They wouldn’t return to yoga because they thought they were too inflexible. I felt something was missing in my teaching so I set out to learn more.

After extensive study with Paul Grilley (Yin yoga founder) and his assistant Jo Phee, I found a way to make my teaching accessible to all bodies in the space, not just the genetically flexible.  And what I learnt is that this methodology can be applied to all styles of yoga, not just Yin yoga. 

I bring to my trainings my background in remedial massage, clinical pilates, work with those experiencing homelessness and life history.

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What can I expect from Yin yoga teacher training?

Yin yoga teacher training with Leonie will help you find your voice

Through this supportive, encouraging and comprehensive training, you’ll develop confidence in your own body, and in the unique bodies of others. You’ll leave able to teach to ALL bodies in your classes, not just the bendy few.


How many hours is the course?

In person courses run for 60 hours.
At least 50 hours of this will be face to face contact, with the additional hours made up of livestream sessions and self study.

When does enrolment close?

Enrolment’s close for in person courses 3 days prior to the start date.

A minimum of 6 students are required for courses to proceed.

When does the course start & finish?

Courses for 2023 are on hold due to illness

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Why is the in person course 60 hours?

Whilst Yin yoga may seem like a simple practice, there are many components that go into teaching an effective Yin yoga class. To thoroughly cover these topics and give students the time to apply their knowledge in practical teaching sessions, an additional 10 hours has been added. These additional hours give students the space to workshop and test concepts and practices that comprise a well rounded Yin yoga class.

Why is the majority of the course in person?

The in person training format offers great opportunities for observation, for discussion of Yin concepts and teaching strategies with Leonie and other students. With intake limited to 14 students, your voice will be heard in the group. Should Covid-19 impact face to face learning, the course will move to livestream on the same dates.

Will the livestream component be recorded?

Any livestream component of courses will be recorded and available for viewing for 48 hours only.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, depending on the course you complete, you’ll receive a certificate for continuing education points* once you’ve completed the course including all assignments, quizzes, practical teaching assessments and exams. Leonie is a registered continuing education provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance International (USA).

The training can also be used for annual continuing education points with Yoga Australia but cannot be used if you are wanting to move to another grading level with Yoga Australia.

*Continuing education points will not be provided for online the Chinese Medicine component of courses as this is not recognised as Yoga by either Yoga Australia or Yoga Alliance. 

How long do I have for assessments?

All assessments must be completed by the designated finishing date of the course

I'm not a yoga teacher. Can I do this course?

Absolutely. Keen Yin yoga students with a minimum of 12 months’ practice will be warmly welcomed into this course. Bodyworkers, alternative health practitioners are also welcome. You’ll be guided through the theoretical and practical components step by step. Please contact to confirm your eligibility prior to enrolling.

Will I be a qualified yoga teacher after this course?

No. There are no official regulations worldwide for yoga teacher qualifications. However, many yoga studios and insurance providers require teachers to have a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. Check the rules in your country prior to purchase. This training is offered both as continuing education for yoga teachers and for yoga students with a passion for Yin yoga.

Will I have one-on-one time with the teacher?

In addition to ongoing support and in class discussion throughout the training, each student receives 15 minutes one on one time via Zoom at the end of the course with Leonie to clarify any outstanding questions they may have. Extra 1:1 time is available at an additional charge.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are offered in 3 instalments. All payment plans must be completed 1 week prior to the first in person attendance date.

Payment plans at early bird rate must be completed by close of early bird.

Contact to set up a payment plan. 

Payments, Cancellations & Refunds

Should we be unable to deliver the in person component of the course, either in a studio or via livestream, you will be offered a refund. Be sure to read the comprehensive Terms and Conditions at the checkout, prior to purchase. There is no refund for change of mind. Contact if you require a payment plan.

“Engaging, informative, thorough, revolutionary. Amazing great community atmosphere. Let me know of Yin Level 2.”

Katherine Donato

Connect with Leonie

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Grow in strength, connection and love

Connect with Leonie

E | M | 0419 133 948


Grow in strength, connection and love