Yoga fits you. You don’t have to fit yoga.

Every single one of us has the capacity to do yoga. A good yoga teacher teaches individuals, in a way which suits each person’s ability, agility, flexibility, health, and overall wellness. You don’t have to conform to ‘fit’ the yoga pose; the pose is flexible – it fits you.

Regular practice of yoga brings the body into harmony and the mind and emotions into greater peace, using breathing techniques, posture and meditation.

You choose how much or how little you explore the wisdom of the more esoteric aspects of yoga but, if you want it to be, yoga can usher in significant change and breakthrough in your life.


I’m fortunate enough to teach in beautiful studios committed to the practice of yoga and intelligent movement of the body.

Bookings are directly through the studios – simply click on the links below to book yourself a class.


9.30 am Yin Yoga at Bliss Yoga & Wellbeing
Level 1/471 Station St, Fairfield

7.30 pm Yin yoga at Good Vibes Yoga Northcote


9.30 am Yin yoga at 5th Element Wellness
79 Queens Parade, North Fitzroy

5.40pm Flow & Yin at Melbourne City Baths
420 Swanston St, Melbourne



9.30 am Yin yoga at Bliss Yoga & Wellbeing
Level 1, 471 Station St, Fairfield


6.15 am Flow and Chill
9.30 am Slow Flow at Saltwater Yoga Studio
63 Stevedore Street, Williamstown


5.30 pm & 7.00pm Yin yoga at Good Vibes Yoga Northcote


Overwhelmed by fast-paced yoga classes or lycra-clad crowds?
Recovering from an injury or a bad experience with yoga?
Challenged by a health condition that requires a more tailored approach?
A beginner who simply doesn’t know where to start?

In all these cases, individual or private classes are a great option.

By using a tailored approach that works with your unique body, practice, and lifestyle, I can help you:
• understand your specific physical and lifestyle challenges
• rehabilitate old injuries or harmful habits
• implement hundreds of tiny, yet transformational, changes.

Contact me at to find out how I can tailor a program just for you.


Yoga in the workplace nourishes employees’ bodies and minds, reducing stress and boosting health, energy, and productivity.

That’s got to be good for business!

Contact me at to find out about the benefits of yoga in the workplace and our yoga corporate packages.

“Leonie’s humility and gentleness are a pleasure and a delight.”

Alison Corsie

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Grow in strength, connection and love

Connect with Leonie

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M | 0419 133 948


Grow in strength, connection and love