Why rebound is important

A rebound in Yin yoga refers to the time after a pose has been taken. Typically the student lies on their back or stomach and rests for a minute or two. It is also referred to resetting, rejuvenating, refreshing, recovery and returning to source amongst others. It is...

What creep means

The word 'creep' pops up in writings on Yin yoga from time to time, usually followed by a technical and physiological explanation that can make your head whirl. Creep has a range of meanings. Dependent on your business. Creep can be found in contexts such as of calf...

Chant a bija mantra

If you want to rock your meditation world, then chanting the bija mantras could be for you. Tap into a simple meditation tool that’s effective and easy to do.

The Bellows or The Skull

Bhastrika or Kapalabhati – what’s the difference? Long before the West began to obsess with the physical practice of yoga, pranayama (breath work) was an integral part of any yoga practice.  The Sage Patanjali described pranayama as one of the 8 limbs of...

5 Benefits of Pranayama

As a stand-alone practice of yoga... pranayama allows you to either energise or soothe internal energies found within the Nadis. Yoga texts as far back as the 6th century BC describe the Nadis (little rivers) as energy channels found in the body. Similar to the...

Setting Intentions

Feeling directionless at times in some areas of your life is not unusual.  We don’t always have it all together. We all have our own unique way of viewing the world, but often our views are muddied by habitual behaviour, thoughts, emotions.  Some of which...

Is How you Breathe Important?

How you breathe is important. It can have long lasting physiological effects on your health. The good news is that in incorporating some breath techniques into your daily life, you can assist with anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions.

Online Yoga Practice – 4 Steps to Adjust

It's going to be awhile before we can all meet in a yoga studio again. And it's strange for all of us. • No sacred space of peace and the rituals of practice. • No meeting your mates to practice together and coffee after. • No direct feedback from the teacher. • At...

What a test..

My yoga is being tested right now. Can I take what yoga teaches me even more into the broader community? I know it's going to be needed over the coming months. I spent last weekend on retreat with Melbourne Meditation Centre. Corona virus kept creeping into my...

Body Sensing

Back in 2018 I wrote about interoception and why every yogi should be practicing it. Since then I have been on an exploration, further deepening my own interoceptive practice, marrying up mindfulness techniques to help in the body sensing and then introducing all of...

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