5 self care tips for yoga teachers

5 simple self-care tips for yoga teachers We yoga teachers cherish the work we do, but teaching yoga takes energy, compassion and heart. And this can be hard to sustain on a daily basis, especially if we have our own issues going on. Teaching yoga doesn’t give us...

5 reasons ‘life experienced’ bodies like yin yoga

5 reasons ‘life-experienced’ bodies love yin yoga No one likes to be called mature – you’re not a cheese. But if you have a little more ‘life experience’, please read on, for the sake of the incredible body that’s got you this far. What happens to your body as it ages...

Why every yogi should be practicing interoception

Why every yogi should be practicing interoception… …even if you don’t know what it means yet. Don’t be put off by the terminology. Interoception may sound like that Leonardo DiCaprio movie that no one understands, but it’s definitely not as confusing. Interoception is...

Fitness – is yoga enough?

Is yoga ‘enough’ to keep you fit? Everyone has their own idea of what fitness looks, or feels, like. Perhaps it’s having a six-pack, being able to lift your kids, touch your toes, or run for the bus without feeling breathless. For me, fitness is the ability to live...

The myth of the flexible yogi

Yoga and flexibility: busting the ‘bendy is best’ myth “I’m not flexible enough.” Isn’t it strange that the most common reason given for not giving yoga a try is also every yogi’s most common source of frustration? Actually, maybe not so strange… Through the...

6 qualities of a great yoga teacher

6 qualities of a great yoga teacher Over the years, I’ve had some good, some not-so-good, and a few truly wonderful yoga teachers. Some of the wonderful ones have challenged me, some have comforted me, and others I’ve travelled across the world to learn from. All of...

4 ways yoga can help with anxiety and depression

4 ways yoga can help with anxiety and depression I’m currently going through a significant period of change and uncertainty. And although I’m discovering that change can be necessary – wonderful even – I’m also finding out that uncertainty can be unsettling. I’m...

The ins (and ins) of yogic chakras

The ins (and ins) of yogic chakras Crystals that heal chakra imbalances by simply hanging around your neck. Colour therapy that claims to ‘open’ your chakras in a few sessions. These days, much of what you hear about chakras revolves around external forces. Although...

Sink into sound

The importance of sound and it's resonance cannot be understated, although it is little understood by most of us. We instinctively know that some music and sounds affect us, but how many of us have ever bathed ourselves in a dedicated sound massage? A few months ago I...

“Leonie’s passion for Yin is inspirational. She has such skill and depth of knowledge but her practical approach makes Yin (the journey within) so accessible.”

Amy Livingstone

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