Last week I spoke extensively about abundance in my studio classes, because I realised that I’d been slowly moving away from an abundant attitude to one of fear. It was time to pull myself up before this new attitude took hold and strangled any last vestiges of abundance out of me. I didn’t want to head into the new year feeling fearful. So here are my 3 quick tips to developing an ‘abundant’ outlook.

1. An abundant attitude and gratitude are closely tied

The more you practice gratitude for what you have and who you have and how they came to you, the more you realise the abundance that surrounds us. Every night I write down three things that have occurred in my day that I am grateful for. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, it’s simple, quick, AND best of all, extremely effective.

2. Make your actions, values and thoughts congruent

An authentic abundant attitude will not develop if you are saying one thing but doing another. Many of us find it difficult to articulate our values, so it’s essential that from time to time we reflect on what our values are in 6 key areas (no particular order):
• Relationships
• Spiritually
• Politically
• Career
• Money
• How you spend your leisure time
Knowing your values, you can then check back in with yourself to make sure your thoughts and actions match your bottom line. When you are authentic, life is generally a lot easier and clearer to navigate.

3. Practice kindness to others

As an expression of your gratitude and contentment with life determine to practice at least one act of kindness to another person each week. So you know what a decent human being you are, jot down the action you took and place it in a jar to review at the end of the year.

So those are my tips, what are yours?