We human beings are frequently looking for love, whether it is to fall in love with ourselves or with someone else. Love is one of the many things that make the world a brighter place in day to day life and also one that can seem so difficult to obtain and then hold on to.

Others around you might be falling in love, partnering up and getting on with life, You might just be getting on with life, with the odd partner here and there. But you know you’re not prepared to settle for a relationship that looks great on paper but doesn’t feel quite right.

And no doubt, you get lots of advice some helpful and some just downright rude.

One of the pearls of wisdom you’ll consistently receive is ‘you’ve got to love yourself before you can love anyone else.’

Now you might get this intellectually but it wont be until you pursue deep sensory awareness in your meditation and yoga practices that you’ll become progressively more aware of how unaware of yourself you are.  And from that point be able to make changes.

Developing a greater sense of sensory awareness is not just developing sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell for external objects, but extending this internally to develop a sensory awareness of all that lies within the body such as organs, blood, bone, right down to the visceral level. This is what you can call a full body loving meditation. By tuning in and understanding the depth to which your body responds to various scenarios, you’ll have greater freedom and awareness in your responses. And you’ll have a far greater capacity to give and receive love.

So if you are searching for the elusive connection, look instead for little moments of time in which you can develop your sensory awareness and begin to love yourself truly from your viscera outwards.